Natural Products Chemistry & Research

ISSN - 2329-6836


Assessment of Anti-Fungal Activity of Annona senegalensis Plant Parts on Malassezia globosa

Ochieng O Anthony, Omar H Said, Ibrahim Hamisi, Matake A Matake , Ochieng J Odalo, Pakia Mohamed, Oyoo O Titus

The pondered parts (mixture of fresh leaves, twigs & soft stem barks and soft root extract) of Annona senegalensis plant have been used as ethno-medicine for treating patients suffering from Tinea Versicolor. The anti-fungal activities of dichloromethane and methanol (1:1), methanol, water, acetone, ethanol, ether and chloroform extracts of Annona senegalensis (Annonaceae) parts were investigated and primarily assessed against cultured Malassezia globosa fungus isolated from willing Tinea Versicolor patients. The efficacy of the extracts was studied and determined by applying different extracts concentrations on agar slants carrying the fungus in an incubator. The susceptibility of tested fungus on the extracts was determined by measuring the diameter of inhibition zones formed around the disc. The highest anti-fungal activity was observed in methanol fresh leaf extract gave an inhibition zone of 9.667 0.557mm while methanol twigs and soft bark extract gave lowest inhibition zone of 4.333 ± 0.5773mm compare with gentamycin which gave an inhibition zone of 15mm after 24 hours. Thus combination of the mixtures confirms the antifungal synergistic interaction against the Malassezia globosa fungus. The water, acetone, ethanol, ether and chloroform plant extracts showed no inhibition zones hence proved ineffective at the evaluated concentrations.The preliminary phytochemical screening of the plant parts also indicated the presence of the relevant phytochemical constituents, thus supports its medicinal values.