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A glycoside is a molecule where a sugar is bound to a further useful group by means of a glycosidic bond. Glycosides play numerous major roles in residing organisms. Many crops retailer chemical substances in the type of inactive glycosides. These may also be activated by enzyme hydrolysis, which factors the sugar part to be damaged off, making the chemical on hand for use. Many such plant glycosides are used as medicinal drugs. In animals and people, poisons are normally certain to sugar molecules as part of their removing from the physique. In formal phrases, a glycoside is any molecule wherein a sugar group is bonded by means of its anomeric carbon to another group via a glycosidic bond. Glycosides may also be linked by an O- glycosidic bond. In line with the IUPAC, the identify "C-glycoside" is a misnomer; the preferred time period is "C-glycosyl compound”. The given definition is the one utilized by IUPAC, which recommends the Haworth projection to properly assign stereochemical configurations. The glycone can consist of a single sugar group (monosaccharide) or a number of sugar companies (oligosaccharide). Glycoside journals are associated with the fields of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Natural Sciences.

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