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Polyketides are a category of secondary metabolites produced by using specific residing organisms so as to impart to them some survival improvement. Many mycotoxins produced with the aid of fungi are polyketide. Structurally, polyketides are tricky healthy compounds which can be often active biologically. Many drugs are derived from or encouraged by using polyketides. Polyketides are more commonly biosynthesized by means of the decarboxylative condensation of malonyl-CoA derived extender items in an analogous method to fatty acid synthesis. The polyketide chains produced by a minimal polyketide synthase are probably further derivitized and modified into bioactive natural products. Polyketides are structurally a very diverse family of natural products with various biological actions and pharmacological properties. They are generally divided into three classes: type I polyketides, sort II polyketides, and variety III polyketides. Polyketide antibiotics, antifungals, cytostatics, anticholesteremic, antiparasitics, coccidiostats, animal growth promoters and ordinary pesticides are in commercial use. Polyketides journal covers the fields of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry and Natural Sciences.

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