Natural Products Chemistry & Research

ISSN - 2329-6836


Bioactive Compounds from Marine Sponge Associates: Antibiotics from Bacillus Sp.

Lanka Sri Santhi, Prasad Talluri VSSL, Nagendra SY and Radha Krishna E

Marine organisms like algae, invertebrates, microbes contain a wide range of bioactivity. Marine organisms associated microorganisms are bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, yeast etc. The secondary metabolites from these organisms have recently gained importance in the pharmaceutical and pesticide industries. Reports of the marine organisms have proved that compounds isolated from them are potential in several fields particularly as new therapeutic agents for variety of diseases. These are potential in producing the bioactive compounds like antibiotics, metabolites, steroids, glycoprotein's etc; which are useful for the mankind. Marine natural products discovery includes the search for pharmaceuticals, enzymes, dietary supplements, and biopolymers. The marine environment is attractive as it holds promise as a source of entirely new bioactive compounds.