Natural Products Chemistry & Research

ISSN - 2329-6836


Bioactivity from Indonesian’s Marine Sponge Xestospongia Sp. as Antibacterial Resistance Escherichia coli

Khairunnisa and Viqqi Kurnianda

The isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds of Indonesian’s marine sponge Xestospongia sp. has been done. Bioactive secondary metabolites alkaloid was isolated based on bioassay guided-separation with several steps of chromatography and monitored by the inhibition of antibacterial test of Escherichia coli. V15B02 compound is identified as the alkaloid compounds at Rf value of 0.7 using a mobile phase of methanol: water 9:1 (v/v). FTIR spectrum data interpretation results showed that the compound of V15B02 has hydroxyl groups with their O-H stretching vibration in the area around 3425.58 cm-1 and C-N vibration in the fingerprint region around 1111.00 cm-1. Their sharp band with sharp and strong intensity on the number of 2924.09 cm-1 is an aliphatic C-H. That this was reinforced by a sharp uptake and up down in numbers of 1404.18 cm-1 which is C-H band indicates the terminal methyl groups. In the catchment area 1636.64 cm-1 showed the presence of C=O group. Indication of a cyclic amine group of alkaloids visible from the drop of vibration tertiary N in the area around 1165.00 cm-1. V15B02 compounds have an activity inhibiting the growth of bacterial resistance Escherichia coli at a concentration of 70 ug/mL.