Natural Products Chemistry & Research

ISSN - 2329-6836


Carotenoids, Phenolics, Hydroxycinnamic Acids and Tannin Composition of Salacia senegalensis (Lam) DC Leaves

Adumanya OCU

Salacia senegalensis leaves with established antimalarials activities were assayed (dry weight) for its carotenoids, phenolics, hydroxycinnamic acids and tannin composition using gas chromatography analysis. The results showed the presence of carotenoids, phenolic acids, hydroxycinnamic acids and tannic acids. Ten known carotenoids were detected, mainly lutein (6.4370100 mg/100 g), carotene (4.0964900 mg/100 g), viola-xanthin (3.3858800 mg/100 g), zeaxanthin (2.8979100 mg/100 g), asta-xanthin (1.3826700 mg/100 g), beta-cryptoxanthin (0.3527960 mg/100 g), neo-xanthin (0.3501600 mg/100 g), malvidin (0.3150850 mg/100 g), anthera-xanthin (0.0063927 mg/100 g) and lycopene (0.0010883 mg/100 g). The phenolic acid constituents found were ferulic acid (0.1370260 mg/100 g), vanillic acid (0.1168070 mg/100 g), ellagic acid (0.0049325 mg/100 g), piperic acid (0.0015819 mg/100 g), syringic acid (0.0005970 mg/100 g) and rosmarinio acid (0.0005967 mg/100 g). Hydroxycinnamic acids detected were caffeic acid (3.3525900 mg/100 g), p-coumaric acid (2.2189400 mg/100 g), o-coumaric acid (0.0042574 mg/100 g), coumarin (0.0027936 mg/100 g), cinnamic acid (0.0012745 mg/100 g), and sinapinic acid (0.0003049 mg/100 g). While tannic acid (162.86 mg/100 g) was, the only tannin found in the leaves of Salacia senegalensis.