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ISSN - 2329-6836


Changes within the Electroencephalogram and Increase in Mental Concentration are related to Differences in Solubulisation and Composition of Different Q10-Formulations

Freye E and Strobel HP

Objective: Evaluate the efficacy of three different Q10 formulation (Greenspeed@, Gerimed®, and Power Magic®Q10) on changes in vigilance by as well as evaluating the error rate in the concentration and attention d2-test before and 1 hour after the ingestion of the Q10-solutions. Methodology: Relative EEG changes in power spectra alpha, beta, theta and delta were measured in 15 subjects (11 males and 4 females) before and 1 hour after the ingestion of one of the three Q10 formulations. Volunteers were given any one of the Q10 formulations in a double blind cross-over design. No drop-outs were registered as volunteers were eager to increase their state of vigilance. Power spectra in the EEG- demonstrated a highly significant increase in the beta-band (8-13 Hz) after all three solutions, the largest after intake of the Greenspeed® and the lowest after intake of the PowerMagic®Q10 preparation. This closely correlated with a reduction in error rate using the d2-concentration test, where again Greenspeed® did show the most beneficial effect, PowerMagic® Q10 rated last, while Gerimed® took a middle position. Correlation coefficient between power in the EEG beta-band and the incidence of error rate was high (spearmen rank correlation coefficient r=-0.96) suggesting that all three Q10 preparation, while differing in their degree of efficacy, were able to increase neuronal cell activity, an effect which resulted in an increase in alertness and focused attention. Conclusion: All three Q10 preparations induced vigilance and concentration. This very likely is mediated by the increase in ATP formation within the mitochondria of neuronal cells, where Q10 is a necessary constituent within the electronic transport chain.