Natural Products Chemistry & Research

ISSN - 2329-6836


Comparison of Physicochemical Evaluation of Different Brands of Honey

Milind Pande* and Amansowomhan Imuse Jude

Marketed brands of honey in our country do not have much more standardization. Even pharmacopeia standards of honey far from complete. The present study assessed parameters to determine appropriate identification and quality of three brands honey sold in India market. For this purpose, honey of three popular brands of Indian market was selected for evaluation purpose and investigated for following parameters such as macroscopic evaluation, ash value, loss on drying, chemical tests and viscosity. In result study based on macroscopic parameters all three brands were found complies with Indian Pharmacopeia 1996. But in physical evaluation sample of brand D1 was found complies pharmacopeia standards and other two brands S1 and B1 fail in this evaluation even not about near to official minimum standards. On the basis of chemical tests evaluations, we found all three brands complies the official standards as shown in results. As per our overall observations brand D1 found good and most effective of different types of parameters of evaluations.