Natural Products Chemistry & Research

ISSN - 2329-6836


Ethnomedicinal Plants Used by Residents in Northern Surigao del Sur, Philippines

Gemma A Gruyal, Romeo del Roasario and Nenita D Palmes

The study was conducted to document the medicinal plants utilized for the treatment of various ailments among residents in the northern part of Surigao del Sur. The mode of preparation and treatment is also included in the documentation. Demographic and ethnobotanical knowledge was gathered through interviews using a semi-structured questionnaire. Fifty (50) informants were involved in providing information on the 65 plant species documented as medicinal plants and utilized by the residents to treat different kinds of diseases and ailments. The most frequently used plant part in terms of percentage of the total number of species was the leaves (84.3%). This was followed by stem (8.9%), roots (7.1%), bark (4.3%), hair and rhizome (1.4%). The methods applied in the preparation of the herbal medicine were pounding, crushing, preheating, soaking, decocting and infusing. The most common health problems treated by the identified medicinal plants were stomach ailments, respiratory diseases, wounds, boils and muscle pains. Most of the medications were administered orally.