Natural Products Chemistry & Research

ISSN - 2329-6836


Meso-Linked Multiporphyrins as Model for Light Harvesting Systems: Review

Anchal Singhal

Nature has always been the fundamental source of inspiration for researchers to understand the complex biological functions. Photosynthesis is among the important natural phenomena and hence, gained interest towards developing the artificial photosynthetic reaction centers. Electron and energy transfer process between various porphyrin units within the multiporphyrin arrays is the important key in developing such systems. Long duration of charge separated state and spectral coverage scope of the accepting porphyrin units are another important factor that contribute to an efficient mimic of the photosynthetic reaction center. Meso-linked porphyrin architectures provide a great aspect in this regard because of short inter-porphyrinic distance with optimal dihedral angle. The present review highlights the design of various kinds of meso-linked multiporphyrins and study of electron and energy transfer processes between them that serve as an efficient model for light harvesting systems.