Natural Products Chemistry & Research

ISSN - 2329-6836


Phytochemical Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Different Solvents Extracts of Ixora javanica Flowers

Yerragunta Vishwanadham, Sunitha D and Ramesh A

Ixora javanica (Family Rubiaceae) commonly known as Red Ixora (Nooruvarahalu) in Telugu, Ixora javanica is an ornamental flowering shrub or small tree usually found in tropical south East Asia including southern India. It is mainly used for anti-cancer activity. This study was aimed at providing pharmacological basis for its use in inflammation. Based on this to evaluate the inflammatory activity of Ixora javanica flowers with their phyto constituents. Here using different solvent extract Ixora javanica flowers (Petroleum ether and Ethyl acetate). The Ethyl acetate extract of Ixora javanica flowers showed potent activity comparing with the standard drug diclofenac sodium perhaps due to presence of glycoside and flavonoids present in the flowers. Anti-inflammatory activity by using carrageenan-induced rat paw edema method results indicated that the different extracts of Ixora javanica. Ethyl acetate (EAIJ) extract of at dose of 200 mg/kg showed significant activity (p<0.01) reduction in paw volume, at dose of 200 mg/kg exhibited a marked (P<0.05), inhibition of paw volume, which was comparable to diclofenac (100 mg).