Natural Products Chemistry & Research

ISSN - 2329-6836


Some Traditional Medicinal Plants of North Region from Puebla, Mexico: Uses and Potential Pharmacological Activity of Rumex spp.

Jerezano Alberto V, Pazos Diana del C, Ríos Saúl A, Tepancal-Gomez E, Salas-Mendoza E, Villanueva L, Perez-Perez I, Murrieta M, Delgado Francisco R, Tamariz J and Garduño Leticia S

This paper, based on the traditional knowledge and research, aims to provide an overview of the current state of local and traditional medical uses, pharmacological potential activities, toxicity and safety of some medicinal plants from north region of Puebla State, Mexico. The information about use medicinal plants was obtained by a poll the therapists from Traditional Medicinal Hospitals from Ayotoxco, Xalacapan and local market of Teziutlán. The information obtained of the empiric knowledge from therapists of Traditional Medicine about of extracts, whole and parts of some plants, like are used on the treatment of several health disorders common in the north region of state Puebla, such as pains, infections, fever, constipation, diahorrea and periodontals disorders is discusses. Rumex spp widely distributed as wild plant in the northern region of Puebla, consumed in salad, presents a variety of applications to treat oral diseases and antipyretic as a poultice, has aroused great interest to be studied by our research group. Despite its historical and cultural importance, the “traditional” use of plants has decreased.