Natural Products Chemistry & Research

ISSN - 2329-6836


Study on Storage Stability of Different Homemade Extruded Foods Products Prepared by Using Malted Composite Flour

Luxmi Gautam and Alka Gupta

Study was conducted on Storage stability of homemade extruded food products prepared by using malted composite flour (malted wheat, chickpea, pearl mille, soybean and dehydrated Colocasia leaves powder). The products can be stored at room temperature up to 90 days in polythene bags. However, with lapse of storage period, a gradual increase in free fatty acids and peroxide value of all developed homemade extruded foods was noticed. But, the free fatty acids and peroxide value of developed food products were within permissible limits after 90th day of storage period. The study thus suggests that replacement of traditional food ingredients like rice flour, basen or refined wheat flour with composite malted flour for preparing various homemade extruded food products in the diet may be feasible and beneficial, too. Keeping in view the nutritional profile of malted composite flour the development of these products will not only diversify the uses of malted composite flour but also will be beneficial for human health.