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Ciddi Veeresham

Ciddi Veeresham
University college of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Warangal Andhra Pradesh, 506009

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    Therapeutic Agents from Tissue Cultures of Medicinal Plants
    Author(s): Ciddi Veeresham and Praveena ChittiCiddi Veeresham and Praveena Chitti

    Plants are being the important continuous source of pharmacologically active compounds, with many blockbuster drugs being derived directly or indirectly from plants. Despite the current occupation with synthetic chemistry as a vehicle to discover and manufacture drugs, the contribution of plants to disease treatment and prevention is still enormous. However several challenges have been associated with supply of biologically active pharmaceuticals from natural sources. Alternative avenues for plant products have gained prominence during the past few years and plant biotechnology has a major role to play in plant based industries. Recently the production of secondary metabolites using plant cells has been the subject of extended research. Plant cell culture can be obtained from any plant species. In such culture, each cell has all genes necessary for all the functions of a plant includi.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6836.1000118

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