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Nakamura S

Nakamura S

Associate Professor, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University,  Kyoto, Japan.


Seikou Nakamura working as Associate Professor in Pharmacognosy at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University,  Kyoto, Japan. He is awarded with Ph.D. in Pharmacognosy. He recieved awards for his research work- 2011 Award for Young Scientist from the Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy. He had many publications in National and international journals.

Research Interest

isolation and structure elucidation of the bioactive constituents from various medicinal resources and foodstuffs collected in all over the world. In addition, we also make a study of mode of action, active site, and structure-activity relationship of active constituents, Evaluation of the Traditional Application and Investigation of New Functions of Natural Resources, Elucidation of Mode of Action and Active site on Active Constituents and Study of Structure-activity Relationship.

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