Natural Products Chemistry & Research

ISSN - 2329-6836

Frank J Burczynski

Frank J Burczynski
Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
University of Manitoba, Canada


Frank J Burczynski has received his PhD in Hepatic Drug Uptake from University of Manitoba during the period of 1986. Currently, he is working as Professor in Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics in University of Manitoba. He is serving as an Editorial Advisory Board Member of Recent Patents in Drug Delivery and Editorial Board Member of World Journal of Gastroenterology

Research Interest

Research work focuses on the uptake process of synthetic and natural products during periods of oxidative stress and the influence of extracellular and intracellular binding proteins on these processes. Drug uptake is being studied using cell cultures; cells isolated from normal and diseased organs, as well as isolated perfused organs. Other research areas of interest involve targeted drug delivery. In this field we developed MyoNovin, a skeletal muscle regenerator. We also developed an ocular matrix currently used in veterinary clinics throughout Canada for induction of emesis in dogs. Finally transdermal uptake of natural and synthetic substrates is being investigated.