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John Beale

John Beale
Professor, Department of Medicinal Chemistry
St. Louis College of Pharmacy, USA


Prof John Beale earned his bachelor’s in pharmacy, and master’s and doctoral degrees in medicinal chemistry and pharmacognosy from the University of Iowa. He has also worked at Ohio State University. Currently, he is working as Professor in st. Louis college of Pharmacy. He is the senior editor and author, Wilson and Gisvolds Textbook of Organic, Medicinal, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. He was named 2010 Joe E. Haberle Outstanding Educator Award by the College’s Alumni Association.

Research Interest

I am conducting research on a brain protein that is named TDP-43. The protein misfolds under some conditions, and when it does so it causes Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease), Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration (early onset dementia), and Alzerimer Disease. My work involves NMR studies to elucidate the three dimensional structure of the protein and computational studies to study the misfolding reaction. The computational studies involve molecular dynamics, and replica exchange molecular dynamics.