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Fast centrifugal partition chromatography: An efficient tool for isolation of bioactive compounds from natural products

2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Marine Drugs and Natural Products

June 15-17, 2017 London, UK

Anupam Maurya, Subash Chandra Verma, M B Shankar and Rajeev Kumar Sharma

Pharmacopoeia Commission for Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy, India

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Abstract :

Safe-by-Design (SbD) is not new, the method has been used for years by the industry to minimize the toxicity of products. Natural products have been a key source for the discovery of new drugs. Isolation of the active components from a natural product has always been associated with complex separation problems due to the enormous chemical complexity of the extracts, but recent advances in separation sciences have facilitated the isolation of these active components from natural products. At present, the used adsorbents SiO2 and Al2O3 are not chemical inert. Separation of natural products on alumina or silica gel sometimes results in recovery of only 70-90%. Sometimes severe losses of valuable materials result because of irreversible adsorption on a solid support. In addition, isolation of artifacts has also been reported due to chemical reaction of the substrates with solid phase adsorbents. A Fast Centrifugal Partition Chromatograph (FCPC), which utilizes centrifugal force to enhance phase separation, provides a new dimension in the area of separation science. FCPC is based on liquidliquid partitioning and is an excellent alternative to circumvent the problems associated with solid phase adsorbents and to preserve the chemical integrity of mixtures subjected to fractionation which provide recovery more than 90%. CPC relies on the partition of a sample between two immiscible solvents to achieve separation. The relative proportions of solute passing into each of the two phases are determined by the respective partition coefficients. CPC has been successfully used for the separation of a wide variety of natural products and synthetic molecules. We applied this method for the large-scale separation of alkaloids, steroidal glycoalkaloids, nitrile glycoside and the tri-terpenes.

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