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Gold nanoparticles conjugate with Bacopa procumbens extract improve wound healing in in vivo model

2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Marine Drugs and Natural Products

June 15-17, 2017 London, UK

A Martinez Cuazitl, M D C Gomez Garcia, V Sanchez Monroy, M Rojas Lopez, R J Delgado Macuil and D G Perez Ishiwara

Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico
Medical Military School, Mexico

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Abstract :

Rapid healing of wounds is important to prevent infections and to reduce post-treatment side-effects. Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) could be employed to enhance drug effects and to transport drugs1. Our previous results demonstrated that extract of the Bacopa Procumbens (BPE) improve wound healing process2. Here we evaluated if BPE-AuNPs conjugation enhance the wound healing effects in vivo. Gold nanoparticles were synthetized and conjugated with BPE, the complex was characterized by UV-Vis spectroscopy. Then, we evaluated the morphometric effects of the AuNPs-BPE conjugates at different concentration, applied topically on the excisional in vivo wound healing model in male Wistar rat. The percentage of wound area at 7 days post-injuries were similar in those animals treated with 160mg/ml BPE than in those treated with BPE-AuNPs using 16 or 1.6 mg/ml BPE (14.77±1.16, 15.48±1.35 and 14.1±1.39, respectively), suggesting that nano-conjugation reduced 100 fold the BPE amount needed to have the same phenotypic effect. Gold nanoparticles were successfully conjugated with BPE. Topical application of BPE and BPE-AuNPs using 16 and 1.6 mg/ml enhance the wound healing process. These findings support the potential role of AuNPs as an adjuvant compound in the treatment of cutaneous wounds.

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