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LC-MS-based metabolomics study on the different growth stages of Hermetia illucens L.

5th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry & Natural Products

July 24-25, 2017 Melbourne, Australia

Chen-Wei Su and Ching-Kuo Lee

Taipei Medical University, Taiwan

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Abstract :

Hermetia Illucens L. (HI), the species of Stratiomyidae insects, which lives by livestock manure and kitchen waste. Due to abundance of protein they can be used to produce high-value animal protein feed. In addition, there are many advantages, i.e., reproduce rapidly, euryphagous except human food, raise easily and low cost. Based on the above, HI is a good media for resource transformation. In this study, we applied LC-MS technique combined with statistical analysis (PCA, OPLS-DA) to explore the different growth stages of HI. The growth stages of the larvae are five; the freshly hatched larvae were sacrificed and freeze-dried as the blank of zero stage. The rest of larvae were reared and fed on Sesamum Indium (SI) and they would enter the next stage by each peeling. We took the second, fourth and fifth stages by each peeling a week for analysis. According to the LC-MS data, we run the database software-Compound discoverer 2.0 to get predicted compounds information like retention time, chemical formula and area under the curve. After obtaining the information, we had run statistical software-SIMCAP to analyze the difference among SI and HI, HI with fed SI. In summary, the results from LC-MS technique combined with statistical analysis can be speculated that the use of energy insects Hermetia illucens L. is not only amino acids but also free fatty acids.

Biography :

Chen-Wei Su had completed his Bachelor’s degree from Pharmacy and Science of Chia Nan University and joined Taipei Medical University for Master’s degree.

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