Journal of Kidney

ISSN - 2472-1220


Antidepressants as a New Approach for Protective Interventions of Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity

Amr A EL-Arabey and Adel R Abd-Allah

Cisplatin is a chemotherapy drug that is used to treat different types of cancer, including testicular cancer, germ cell cancer, bladder cancer, cervical cancer, small cell and non-small cell lung cancer, head and neck cancer and others. Its chief dose-limiting side effect is nephrotoxicity, which evolves slowly and predictably after initial and repeated exposure. Organic cation transporter-2 is responsible for cisplatin uptake in the kidney. In this article we will underline the use of antidepressant as a new approach for protective interventions of cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity through the interference of cisplatin uptake by Organic Cation Transporter-2 to improve the therapeutic index of cisplatin and to treat depression which occurs in cancer patients together after considering the risk of side effects and interactions.