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Analgesic Nephropathy

Analgesic Nephropathy is the kidney injury caused by over exposure to analgesic medications over a long period of time which are excreted only through kidneys. Various analgesics are aspirin, paracetamol, phenacitin and phenacitin combinations.

Analgesic nephropathy (AN) is chronic tubule interstitial nephritis caused by cumulative lifetime use of large amounts (eg≥2 kg) of certain analgesics. Analgesic nephropathy associated with regular use of predominantly combination analgesic products, by a dense interstitial fibrosis and the insidious development of renal failure, Renal papillary necrosis had been classically associated with this illness. Diagnosis is based on history of chronic analgesic use and noncontrast CT resulting decreased renal size, Bumpy contours,Papillary calcifications.

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