Journal of Kidney

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Hemorrhagic Cystitis

Hemorrhagic Cystitis is the lower urinary tract symptom with sudden onset of hematuria with dysuria,haemorrhage and bladder pain due to damage to transitional epithelium of bladder and blood vessels by radiation, drugs, pathogens, toxins or disease.

Risks of Hemorrhagic Cystitis include Chemotherapy medications Cyclophasphamide and Ifosfamide, Bladder cancer, Pelvic radiation therapy, Radiation therapy given with chemotherapy, AIDs, Other chemicals (for example, dyes, insecticides, and recreational drugs), Antibiotics, Viruses (for example, papovarius and adenovirus), Persistent urinary tract infections, Thrombocytopenia (low platelet count), bone marrow transplant and other chemotherapeutic agents. 

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