Natural Products Chemistry & Research

ISSN - 2329-6836


Bioassay Guided Fractionation and α-Amylase Inhibitory Activity of Flavanoid Isolated from Pinus roxburghii Sarg.

Pawan Kaushik, Gulshan Singh, Sukhbir La, Khokra and Dhirender Kaushik

Pinus roxburghii Sarg. is a traditional plant used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus ethnopharmacology in India and Africa. In this written report, we looked into the antidiabetic activity using α-amylase inhibitory assay on extracts from the bark of Pinus roxburghii Sarg. by bioassay guided fractionation. The ethanol extract (43.4% inhibition) and the isolated compound (49.6% inhibition) exhibited significant enzyme inhibitory activity against α-amylase. This is reported, from this plant, for the first time. The 1H and 13C NMR, IR and mass spectral studies of isolated compound suggested it as quercetin. Our study revealed, for the first time, the isolation and α-amylase inhibitory activity of quercetin from Pinus roxburghii Sarg. bark.