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Important Citations

Renal cold storage followed by transplantation impairs proteasome function and mitochondrial protein homeostasis

Renal cold storage followed by transplantation impairs expression of key mitochondrial fission and fusion proteins

A clinically relevant murine model unmasks a “two-hit” mechanism for reactivation and dissemination of cytomegalovirus after kidney transplant

Effect of Systemic Triphenylphosphonium on Organ Function and Oxidative Stress

Oxidative Stress Product, 4-Hydroxy-2-Nonenal, Induces the Release of Tissue Factor-Positive Microvesicles From Perivascular Cells Into Circulation

Origin and Regimen of Diabetic Nephropathy

Frequency and prevention of Calcium Oxalate Renal Calculi in Adult Males from Bahawalpur, Pakistan

Growth Factors Responsible? : A review to Angiogenesis

Origin and Regimen of Diabetic Nephropathy

Origin and Regimen of Diabetic Nephropathy

Characterization of Ageing- and Diet-Related Swine Models of Sarcopenia and Sarcopenic Obesity

Origin and Regimen of Diabetic Nephropathy

Origin and Regimen of Diabetic Nephropathy

Origin and Regimen of Diabetic Nephropathy

Are Iron Sucrose and Iron Sucrose Similar Equivalent? Analytical, Experimental and Clinical Determinations

3 Nanotechnology and pharmacy

Iron polymaltose complexes: Could we spot physicochemical differences in medicines sharing the same active pharmaceutical ingredient?

A robust and easily reproducible protocol for the determination of size and size distribution of iron sucrose using dynamic light scattering

Factors influencing safety and efficacy of intravenous iron-carbohydrate nanomedicines: From production to clinical practice

Physicochemical Characterization of Iron Carbohydrate Colloid Drug Products