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MI Jimoh

MI Jimoh


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    Prenatal Development of Yankasa Sheep (Ovis aries) Kidney: A Histomorphometric Study
    Author(s): A Bello, DI Dabai, MA Umaru, SA Shehu and MI JimohA Bello, DI Dabai, MA Umaru, SA Shehu and MI Jimoh

    Histomorphometric study was conducted on the kidneyof seventeen (17) fetuses of the Yankasa sheep (Ovis aries) collected from the Sokoto metropolitan abattoir, over a period of one month at different gestational ages. The approximate age of the fetuses was estimated from the crown vertebral rump length (CVRL) and samples were categorised into first, second and third trimester. Out of the seventeen (17) fetuses at different gestational age used for the study, 7 (48%) were females while 10 (52%) were males. 6(35%) fetuses belong to first trimester, 5(30%) belong to second trimester and 6(35%) belong to third trimesters of pregnancy respectively. The mean crown vertebrate-rump length (CVRL) ranged from 12.47 ± 1.80 cm at first trimester to 33.79 ±1.52 cm at third trimester. Histological observation shows that the kidney appeared to have two zones via cortex.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2472-1220.1000126

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