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Sharma A

Sharma A

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    m-TOR Inhibitors in Kidney Transplantation: A Comprehensive Review
    Author(s): Mekki M, Bridson JM, Sharma A and Halawa AMekki M, Bridson JM, Sharma A and Halawa A

    Mammalian target of rapamaycin inhibitors (mTOR-I) has been in use in kidney transplantation for over two decades. Since their introduction, they have been used in different combination immunosuppressant for low risk group renal transplantation. They have been in use in the various (Calcineurin inhibitors) CNI-free protocols, either as De novo regiments, or by conversion from CNIs at a later stage. Many of these studies reported comparable graft rejection rate and a better kidney function (eGFR) compared to standard CNI protocols. Also mTOR-I when used in combination with CNIs, facilitated the use of lower doses of CNIs with the resultant reduction of CNI related side effects, without seriously compromising graft outcome. They are of particular interest among certain group of renal transplant recipients, including those with malignancy, post-transplant encapsulating peritoneal sceloro.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2472-1220.1000146

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