Journal of Kidney

ISSN - 2472-1220

Impact of health literacy in dialysis and chronic kidney diseases: Prevalence and outcomes

Joint Event on 3rd Annual Kidney Congress & 16th International Conference on Nephrology & Therapeutics

October 19-20, 2018 | New York, USA

Deepika Jain

New Jersey Kidney Care, USA

: J Kidney

Abstract :

Health literacy is the capacity of an individual to understand information related to a disease in order to make an informed decision. In patients with kidney diseases, studies have reported increasing impact of limited health literacy on health outcomes. Our paper discusses current literature on health literacy in kidney diseases. Health literacy is an increasing recognized cause of suboptimal care and management of chronic diseases in patients. Our paper reviews the current literature on its prevalence and impact in the population with kidney diseases. More studies are needed in patients with kidney diseases to better understand the effect of limited health literacy.

Biography :

Deepika Jain has completed her MD in New Delhi, India and continued her career in internal medicine and nephrology in the USA at University of Pittsburgh Medical center. She is currently working in the New Jersey as part of New Jersey Kidney Care group. She has published several papers on health literacy on dialysis patients