Journal of Kidney

ISSN - 2472-1220

Outcome of acute kidney injury in developing country: A single center experien

15th Annual Congress on Kidney: Nephrology & Therapeutics

August 28-30, 2017 Philadelphia, USA

Md. Nazmul Islam

North East Medical College Hospital, Bangladesh

: J Kidney

Abstract :

Acute kidney injury is a clinicopathologic entity characterized by acute deterioration of renal function and often morphologic evidence of tubular injury. The main goal of our study is to find out the incidence, etiology, diagnostic approach, clinical course and finally outcome of the patients with AKI in this single center of Sylhet region, Bangladesh. The majority of studies in this area are retrospective and many only focus on specific patient groups. So, we also performed retrospective analysis. 35 patients were included with a mean age 45.97±20.78 years. 51% were male and rests of the patients were female. Quantitative variables are expressed as mean SD and qualitative variables expressed as percentage, the calculated percentage are based on multiple responses. Age group 60-above was found as most vulnerable group. By analyzing, we have found several clinical features like fever, abdomen pain, nausea, profound weakness, oliguria and vomiting were 42.86%, 28.57%, 22.86%, 20.01%, 20.01% and 14.29%, respectively. The three most frequent risk factors HTN, DM and UTI at around 45.71%, 25.72% and 14.29%, respectively were reported. In our analysis, we found 5.71% mortality rate which is significantly less in comparison with other parts of Bangladesh even in the whole world.