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Singh P

Singh P


  • Short Communication
    Renal Mitochondrial Lipid Peroxidation during Sepsis
    Author(s): Singh P, Parajuli N, Mayeux PR and MacMillan-Crow LASingh P, Parajuli N, Mayeux PR and MacMillan-Crow LA

    Sepsis can provoke kidney injury, which increases mortality. Human and animal studies have documented increased renal oxidative injury and mitochondrial damage during sepsis. However, few studies have attempted to dissect specific renal targets and/or types of oxidative injury using the cecal ligation and puncture (CLP) murine model of sepsis. The purpose of this short communication is to examine the extent of lipid peroxidation within renal mitochondria using CLP and blue native gel electrophoresis which separates intact mitochondrial respiratory complexes. Our results show that CLP induced increased 4-hydroxy-nonenal protein adduction (marker of lipid peroxidation) in renal homogenates and mitochondrial fractions. Blue native gel electrophoresis revealed that respiratory complex III was selectively targeted within mitochondrial fractions. This supports o.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2472-1220.1000116

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