Journal of Kidney

ISSN - 2472-1220

Vesicoureteral reflux endoscopic treatment by using electrocoagulation

Joint Event on 3rd Annual Kidney Congress & 16th International Conference on Nephrology & Therapeutics

October 19-20, 2018 | New York, USA

Yasin Idweini Saed Matrouk

Al-Bashir Teaching Hospital-Ministry of Health , Jordan

: J Kidney

Abstract :

Purpose: We reviewed our experience with endoscopic treatment of (VUR) Vesicoureteric Reflux by electrocoagulation; as a simple technique to determine the efficacy and lack of morbidity of this procedure. Material and methods: From January 1998 to December 2002, 150 patients with vesicoureteric reflux (210 refluxing ureters) underwent 291 endoscopic electrocoagulation in the hemitrigone in order to treat the reflux. The ratio of male to female was 2:8. Age ranged from 2 months to 47 years and median: 7 years. Localization was bilateral 39% Rt. Side 20%, Lt Side 41%. The grade of vesicoureteric reflux ranged from 2 to 5th grade. Secondary reflux was in 18% of the cases. Results: Good results achieved in 85% of patients, 25% of the patients underwent repeated coagulation (2-3 times). 12% underwent surgical treatment because of the associated abnormalities (paraureteral vesical diverticulum, ectopic ureterocele, posterior urethral valves, ureteral duplication etc.). Conclusions: Endoscopic treatment of VUR by electrocoagulation is a simple and safe procedure, with less morbidity, and it is cost effective.

Biography :

Yasin Idweini, Senior consultant of Urology-Amman Jordan. He received a medical degree (1976) and specialty in Urology at Barcelona University-Spain (1980). He obtained Jordanian Board of Urology (1998). He obtained his PhD in Urology with graduating Magna Cum Laude (Barcelona University, 2003). He earned (FEBU) in Paris-France (2004). He published his book titled “Tratamiento del Reflujo Vesicoureteral por Electrocoagulation” (2011). He is an examiner in Jordanian and Arab BOARD of Urology. He obtained the World Academic Championship-2018 in Urology(Electrocoagulation)and in Endoscopic Treatment by the International Agency for Standards and Rating and Fellow Directorate of Urology IASR.